Printer Gatherer exists to provide one-of-a-kind, excellently crafted letterpressed goods. We specialize in custom invitations, save the dates, business collateral, stationery, correspondence, and more. Each project is designed from scratch, just for you, and is never recreated for someone else.

Printer Gatherer Founder Emily Striffler grew up experimenting with mixed media.  Being the daughter of an artist and an engineer, she was encouraged to test the boundaries of her imagination, and the environment around her. This ultimately led Emily to begin collegiate studies in Architecture at Virginia Tech in 2003. From there, her passion for creating beautiful objects and spaces took off.  

Emily first discovered her love for the art of letterpress during her formative years while studying abroad throughout Europe.  Once back in the states, she sought out a press of her own and ultimately found an old style Chandler & Price platen press to call her own. In 2008, Emily completed her architectural degree and thesis - by no coincidence her thesis was the design of a letterpress shop - and after graduation, she embarked on her design career in architecture… but letterpress was never far from reach.   

Emily attributes her infatuation with large machinery, craftsmanship, and gardening to her maternal grandfather, Andrew, and her continual love of books and the printed word to her paternal grandfather, Charles.

Currently, Emily and her devoted husband, Brett, reside in the Forest Hill neighborhood of Richmond, Virginia with their lovable Newfoundland Dog, Pilot.


Because the shop is currently located at a private residence, Shop Hours are available on an as-needed basis, by appointment only.

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